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We will review your information and will contact you about your property soon.

We will review your information and will contact you about your property soon.

When you sell your home to us, we take care of the costly repairs and inspections, so you don’t have to. “We Buy Homes In Evansville” By Comfort Homes’ focus is refurbishing and building only company-owned homes, apartments, and rental properties.

We are licensed, real estate agents. When you choose Comfort Homes,  we look at your home through a real estate agent’s eyes; we know what it will take to get it market-ready and can give you the best price for what it would sell for in today’s market. 

We buy homes that need everything from a little TLC to extensive structural repair, restore and sell them to families, just like you. It’s that simple. Our team is dedicated to delivering quality work and making it easier for you to walk away from the stress of an unwanted property.

We have over 40 years of experience in building, buying, remodeling, selling, and refinancing homes.


Does your home need some TLC?

Need to sell it fast but don’t have the time or resources to fix it up yourself?

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Why Choose Comfort Homes?

The wrong choice can cost you!

Compare Comfort Homes with other “Middleman” home buyers so you get the best deal on your home.

Our Contract…

Short, Simple, To The Point!

“Comfort Homes offers to purchase from Seller(s)”

Comfort Homes is the Buyer. No Middleman. 1 of 4
“Property is sold “AS-IS” condition”

Comfort Homes buys the home as-is, with no warranties made by the seller. 2 of 4
“Purchase contract is NOT assignable”

This agreement is NOT assignable. 3 of 4
“This agreement is subject to the final inspection performed by the Buyer to ascertain property is in same condition as date of purchase agreement.”

No inspections, lenders, contractors. 4 of 4

Their Contract…

Confusing, Loopholes, Unclear.

“Buyer(s)________ and or assigns”

The end buyer is not yet known because this type of agreement is often assigned to a 3 rd party. 1 of 5
“Seller will make buyer aware of any known facts that affect the value. …”

You may be liable for a home defect discovered by whoever buys your house. 2 of 5
“Seller will make property accessible to show partners, lenders, …”

The future buyer may require inspections, financing, or other issues that can affect the sale. 3 of 5
“If the Buyer is unable to complete the purchase for any reason”

The buyer is able to walk away from the agreement for any reason, leaving you with the home still unsold. 4 of 5
“Purchase contract is assignable”

This agreement allows the middleman buyer the right to sell your home to another party BEFORE they actually buy it from you. 5 of 5

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